Title:  Associate Vice President

Date:  Mar 21, 2024
Location:  Mohali - Operations
Company:  Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd




    To ensure delivery of products in time of desired quality and quantity.

    To ensure continuous improvement in achievement of productivity, manufacturing yields & quality norms.

    Overall responsible and accountable for the safe operation of plant with in statutory guidelines and regulations

    To ensure that plant machinery, material and people are always working in safe environment  by periodic safety audits and compliance to governing statutes

    To ensure timely submission of reports and documents to management /external authorities.

    To manage  industrial relations with in the plant and handle sub ordinate grievance

    To ensure that the resources are available for optimal operation of all departments.

    To ensure better co-ordination with departments to meet the day-to-day activities.

    To co-ordinate with the other departments like regulatory affairs, R&D, corporate quality assurance, purchase, global supply chain and other corporate dept. like safety, finance, etc. for efficient and smooth functioning of plant.

    To sign and review various documents like application to authorities, contracts, technical documents as site






    To ensure that production department and area is maintained in ATR (all time readiness) for  any internal, CQA, customer or regulatory audits.

    To ensure  that production procedures are designed to meet the Sun Pharma, customer  and  regulatory guidelines.

    To ensure that these procedures are followed in production area and unplanned deviation and documentation errors are controlled.

    To demonstrate compliance to established Manufacturing operations and QS standards.

    Timely reporting to the management of incidences I quality issues, statutory notices, safety incidences or any other such occurrences that may affect organization's legal status, goodwill or quality system.

To  support  QA Department  in  routine  investigations,  incidence  reporting,  deviations,  change  controls, market complaints and other various quality improvement plans.

    To review I approve process deviations, change controls, validation I qualification protocols, site master file, validation master plan, gate pass and other relevant plant related documents.

    To take all measures as may be deemed fit to produce quality products and take preventive measures for controlling internal errors on shop floor and market complaints.

    To strive for reduction in OOS, deviations and market complaints.

    To face audits and arrange to take corrective & preventive measures to mitigate observations and submit response in stipulated time and report findings/ observations to senior management.

    To be an active member  of Quality Review Board & Chairperson  for the Quality System  Management

Review meetings at the site.

    Document Integrity: To support compliance of practices to established procedures and GMP standards.



    To ensure timely error free deliverance of products as per plant production plan with optimum utilization of resources like man, machine and materials etc.

    To ensure new product launches in time 100%.

    To keep the team in a state of high motivation and discipline to deliver with the fullest potential.

    To apply innovative methods and systems to improve productivity levels and reduce waste.

    To identify bottlenecks of facility I equipment I capacity  and plan for resolution of the same  by way of modification etc.

    To identify and procure new machines /equipment and to modify machines, facilities, etc.

    To ensure  meaningful  and  science  based  technology  transfer  of new products  from R&D  to plant  for commercial production and maintenance throughout its lifecycle.




    To ensure that the plant is operated with in the approved budgets.

. To ensure overall cost effectiveness in all operations by optimal utilization of resources.

    To ensure  maintenance  of  inventories  at plant and timely  disposal  of non-moving,  expired  or rejected materials from the plant.


People Development


    Creating a culture/environment which motivates employees to grow being part of organization.

    To ensure that all employees working at site are adequately trained before they participate  in any activity and training activities are monitored for compliance and to improve efficiency/productivity.

    To mentor and develop subordinates w.r.t. cGMP to ensure meeting current regulatory requirements  at site.

    To create  quality  culture  by  encouraging  people  to  comply  to  set  procedures  and  all  incidences   get reported, investigated and brought to its logical conclusion.

    To plan for continuous improvement through training and development.

    To develop talent pipelines for IeveiiI, Ill & IV key jobs, succession planning for G10 & above positions.

    To keep updated of latest regulations and arrange to implement the same at facility proactively.

    To identify high potential candidates and develop them by giving them opportunity to grow  in  their career path.


Measurement  - Implement measurement matrix, conduct review meetings for Mohali.