Title:  MANAGER - 2

Date:  Nov 20, 2023
Location:  Tandalja - R&D
Company:  Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Key Responsibilities: 

  • The candidate is expected to develop Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) based methods to measure the kinetic and equilibrium binding constants for protein and peptide products.

  • Responsible for analytical method qualification for all pipeline products.
  • Characterization of innovator product batches sourced from different geographical region and preparation of quality target profile.
  • Analytical similarity assessment of in-house products.
  • Preparation and review of method development reports (MDR) and analytical test procedures (ATP).
  • Responsible for operating and maintaining analytical laboratory in compliance with GLP regulations.
  • The candidate is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the SPR instruments
  • To manage chemicals,consumables & critical reagents inventory. Performs calibration of instruments and equipment. Troubleshoots instrument performance and equipment issues.
  • Responsible for managing the regulatory queries.
  • The candidate is expected to draft the technical content for regulatory dossier.