Title:  Executive

Date:  Apr 3, 2024
Location:  Tandalja - R&D
Company:  Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd


To execute activities related to R&D Peptide Process Development & Scale-ups, along with a group comprising of Research Officers/ Research Assistants in co-ordination with Team/Group Leader


Details of Previous Work Experience (Mandatory Requirement)

  • Literature search and ROS (Route of Synthesis) finalization
  • Basic knowledge of Orthogonal protected amino acid and Peptide.
  • Solid phase peptide Synthesis.
  • Handling of hazardous chemical like Trifluoroacetic acid.
  • Knowledge of handling of analytical HPLC.
  • Purification of Peptide using preparative HPLC.
  • Preparative column packing and usage.
  • Scale up experience
  • Computer literacy etc.


Job Description:

● Literature search with respect to assigned project and finalizing the non-infringing synthetic route

● Experimentation (Process development, DoE study, optimization and validation).

● Purification of Peptide and knowledge of lyophilisation of pure solution.

● Handling of analytical HPLC and preparation of buffer.

● Characterisation of Peptide using HRMS,2D NMR, IR, Peptide mapping and sequencing.

● Preparation of Technology transfer documents.

● Scaling-up of process developed at R&D.

● Assisting to RA in filing DMF.

● General Laboratory Management etc.