Date:  Apr 3, 2024
Location:  Tandalja - R&D
Company:  Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Job Responsibilities:


  1. Responsible to take training before execution of allotted work
  2. Responsible to perform routine in-process sample analysis
  3. Responsible to perform Method Development and Method Validation of various finished    products
  4. Responsible to prepare STPs, SOPs, Method Development Report, Method Validation Protocol and Report, Study Protocol and Report.
  5. Responsible to perform the calibration of instruments.
  6. Responsible to escalate quality related issues and resources requirement to management
  7. Responsible to maintain instrument/equipment as per SOP.
  8. Responsible to timely archival of documents as per SOP
  9. Responsible to follow safety precaution as per laboratory procedure.
  10. Other Job responsibilities assigned by reporting authority.
  11. Ensure data traceability, data reliability and data authenticity.